Program Provides Meals to Kids in Edgecombe County

Rocky Mount Telegram

Staff Writer

Monday, June 26, 2017

Though summer may mean a break from school for most kids, for many children in the Twin Counties, it also means a less-welcome break from a reliable food source.

In Edgecombe County alone, more than 5,500 children depend on the schools to provide free breakfast and lunch each weekday. Without this resource, many are apt to go hungry or are forced to rely on food sources that do not provide adequate nutrition. However, Twin Counties residents from infants to age 18 can find places to receive summer nutrition through the efforts of local school districts and the support of the U.S Department of Agriculture.

“The Summer Feeding Program provides nutritious, healthy meals to kids during the summer months,” said Viola Barnes-Gray, ready communities coordinator with the Down East Partnership for Children. “We have roughly 30 summer feeding sites in the area that offer free meals to anyone through age 18.”

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