NC Governor Roy Cooper And First Lady of NC Visit Riverside High School

The Pirate’s Hook

By Zoe Jones

According to senior Sena Zadeh, Governor Roy Cooper rocks.

Zadeh met Cooper on Friday, September 8 when he visited Riverside to promoting to expand No Kid Hungry (NKH), an organization working to provide kids in need with healthy food and give their parents resources to make nutritious meals for their children.

“We talked about why I like engineering and why I decided to go into the engineering department,” said Zadeh.

While many schools offer free breakfast, Riverside’s program is unique because of how many students it provides breakfast for on a daily basis.

“Governor Cooper and First Lady Kristin Cooper visited Riverside to observe how Durham Public Schools universal free breakfast program works in a comprehensive high school,” said principal Tonya Williams.

“Statistics show young people who eat breakfast do better on tests,” said Cooper. “They are more focused, and they perform better. For kids who don’t eat breakfast at home, when they arrive at school it’s the perfect time to eat breakfast.”

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