Back-to-School Planning 2020

The state of school meals is still fluctuating for many school districts, but planning continues.

These resources from No Kid Hungry are being updated as we learn more about the state of school openings nationally and in North Carolina. Be sure to check back for the latest information.

  • This Back-to-School Meal Service Toolkit has been designed to help plan for the 2020-2021 school year, as we continue to navigate the coronavirus pandemic. It includes detailed information about current waivers, financial recovery and recommended meal service models.
  • Meal Service Options for School Year 2020-2021: This resource covers the common schedule models that districts are considering for the coming school year, the possible meal service models that work for each schedule model, and the program options and waiver considerations for each model. It also discusses the waivers that have not been extended and the potential challenges and limitations of operating within the current waivers.
  • Equipment List for Meal Service SY20-21: As school districts prepare for the 20-21 school year, food and nutrition service departments are considering a variety of meal service options along with the equipment they may need to make those successful. This resource offers tips on how to repurpose equipment you may already have and highlights other equipment needs.
  • Equipment Tips for Serving Meals in the Classroom offers guidance as schools consider how to handle meal delivery, whether to the classroom or to other areas on campus. It also offers suggestions as to what equipment may be needed.
  • The Importance of School Meals: School meals are essential to student health and academic success. They also support the local economy. This resource highlights how school meals will be especially critical in the new school year as some families continue to struggle financially due to the coronavirus pandemic.